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April 2014
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9 Reasons Why Blogging is Like Running

Recently I managed to find again a bit of a groove — both in blogging and running.

What if these two ‘hobbies’ were much more similar than I thought?

Yes one is physical, the other one is more intellectual.

One gets you active, while the other lets you sit on a chair for hours… But:

9- Most times, it’s painful to get started, but the end results will almost always give you a feeling of satisfaction and accomplishment.

8- It’s a lot more fun if you don’t do it alone — friends are the best reward on this journey! (Heck, why don’t you pay a visit to Jessica or Maureen!?)

7- Only VERY few make money at it — no matter how much the sweat.

6- Those around you who don’t share the same hobby simply don’t get it!

5- It does not take much money to get started but it can help transform you deep, deep inside.

4- A little bit once in a while is always better than nothing.

3- The barrier of entry is virtually non-existent but it takes hard work, strong will and commitment to stick with it. Oh yeah, and a great deal of motivation (see friends statement at number 8 above).

2- You try to stick with a routine but it does not mean it’s easy.

1- It takes a lot of time!

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A little more like me: another vlog!

One shot, no edits, pure fun. This is me, unretouched!

To the fashion police out there: yes, I’m in my workout clothes! So what? Thanks to my good friend Cat, rode over 20 miles. So there is my excuse.

To my potential future employer if s/he’s watching: everyone has a silly side, I swear I don’t wear . . . → Read More: A little more like me: another vlog!

Before I came to America… (Part 3)

A few months back I started a series that my readers seemed to like, so I came back with more.

I write about the taken-for-granted things that I got accustomed to in the US, but are not the norm or even known where I’m from. It’s good for me to remember them — of course, I’ve already . . . → Read More: Before I came to America… (Part 3)

5 Americans the World Hates with a Passion

This is the least scientific rating but probably the most accurate nonetheless.

Without further ado, here are the top 5 American figures hated outside the U.S. and particularly in France:

1) George W. Bush (where to start? The guy can’t even speak; the yet-to-be-found of weapons of mass distraction destruction, the war in Irak, …)

photo credit: memorycardfull

2) . . . → Read More: 5 Americans the World Hates with a Passion

How we became significant to each other: a vlog

This is the story of how a Frenchie settles down in America.

IFRAME Embed for Youtube

Now what? To vlog or not to . . . → Read More: How we became significant to each other: a vlog

Cultural gap becomes abyss

Have you heard about the documentary called “God grew tired of us”?

As I was researching my topic of choice in more depth (on YouTube, where else!?), I stumbled upon this mind-blowing clip; worth a watch, believe me.

(Note of Warning, the sound is not of great quality and seems higher than the norm! Adjust your settings accordingly!)

IFRAME . . . → Read More: Cultural gap becomes abyss

I’m a Twitter drop out

During my detox from blogging I became a Twitter drop out.

I could NOT get myself to log on to TweetDeck; not once, not ever (OK, once or twice but only by accident; come on, I have a computer-fanatic 2 year old).

Too scared.

Did not want to fall back “into it” too soon. The fear.

Did not want to . . . → Read More: I’m a Twitter drop out

9 Things the French don’t do

I hurried to find 9 things the French don’t do, just for fun and in less than 5 minutes… GOOOooo!

1) The French don’t have proms or yearbooks. So sad.

2) The French don’t shop at Target nor Walmart. They don’t even have Target or Walmart, how is that even remotely possible?

3) The French don’t say hello to . . . → Read More: 9 Things the French don’t do

Facebook breakup

Dear Facebook,

I hate what you’ve done to us. You want us to believe that we’re closer than we’ve ever been, more engaged than we thought our busy schedules could allow it, and that our freedom has reached yet another level.

Am afraid it’s all the contrary, you see.

Facebook, you’ve confined me to my desktop screen, mobiles devices . . . → Read More: Facebook breakup


I thought blogging was like an online journal, but I can’t write what I don’t want to share. So it would be more accurate to call blogging an open journal. For all who care to look for it WILL find it.

I also have to admit something. I can’t blog about decluttering because I am struggling with . . . → Read More: Lately